With continuous positive pressure devices, you can treat your obstructive sleep apnea and other breathing and sleeping problems. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes temporary loss of breath during sleep. CPAP machines are electronic devices that help you breathe at night without difficulty and improve the quality of your sleep. They draw in the outside air with a fan inside, humidify the air in the room, pressurize it. Finally, they release it through a pipe in the face mask. At the same time, clean and maintain the CPAP machine regularly is very important for your healrth. Now I will tell you how to clean your CPAP machine properly.

Why does CPAP need more than demineralized water?

Too often we assume that demineralized water is suitable for a CPAP. In reality, ideal water should not only be free of inorganic minerals, but also of chemicals, drugs, and microorganisms. For example, viruses and bacteria. The inorganic mineral (ore) content should also be less than 2 ppm (2 mg). To prevent the accumulation of CPAP reservoirs, the microorganisms are easy to adhere to. Only distillation allows this.

The water you breathe