Treatment of the most severe cases of COVID-19 requires the use of CPAP and CPAP cleaner. We have all heard this, and also that there is a shortage of CPAP cleaner. But there is no one type of CPAP, and that type of machine is not the only option when it comes to assisted breathing used in treatment. Information is power and having a better understanding of this topic will help all of us to better understand the situation.

There is a Facebook group focused on open source fans and other technologies that could help in the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a great deal of support, and while the community is great when it comes to doing things, it is clear that we all need more information about the issues that doctors are currently dealing with and how the existing team was designed to address them.

However, this is a long and complex topic, so sit comfortably in your seat and find out what you have left of your isolated snack. Let’s analyze it.

Before digging deeper, let’s address a common point of confusion in terminology: respirators are masks designed to protect the wearer, such as preventing healthcare workers from inhaling particles that carry coronaviruses, while ventilators are devices used by patients to assist them. to breathe properly.

Why does breathing become a problem?